Introducing LYNN HAVEN, fine jewelry that reflects the innermost emotions of modern women.

For our international design team, fine jewelry represents a peak of self-expression, an art form that celebrates real lives and real-life beauty.

LYNN HAVEN blends the techniques of the finest craftsmanship with the allure of modern design, drawing on both Eastern and Western traditions..

LYNN HAVEN works only with high-grade natural diamonds, pearls and gems with precious metal inlays. Design with love – wear with passion.

Brand Origin

It’s an emotional story that will resonate with everyone who has lived and loved and travelled. Lynn grew up in Shenzhen when it was a small town, witnessing its transformation into one of the world’s most modern cities.

At the same time, the world opened up for her. She studied economics at UCLA, fell in love with Europe and its culture, and finally settled back in China where she invested in the fashion and luxury jewelry industries. This kindled a deep creative yearning within her that has culminated in the creation of her own jewelry brand LYNN HAVEN.

Drawing on her global connections to assemble a team of experienced designers and marketers, LYNN HAVEN has evolved a design philosophy that draws on the best of East and West. Her international outlook, combined with a deep love of her Asian roots and the world of art, has driven a design aesthetic that brings together an inspirational variety of influences.

But life always throws up challenges. There followed a period of personal trauma and re-evaluation as she coped with a medical condition that led to introspection and retreat. In time, she pulled through and returned to health.

Like the grain of sand in an oyster that nurtures a pearl, hardship imparts profound lessons from which we can emerge stronger and wiser.

It’s an experience that she has drawn on to develop LYNN HAVEN – a fine jewelry collection that celebrates and reflects real life and real lives in all their highs and lows.

Like we said, it’s an emotional story.